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Located in the Michiana Area -You’ve Heard Of It, Haven’t You?

This border region is between the Lake Michigan shoreline beaches down to the Illinois border across to Ft. Wayne on the Indiana side. Then also from the lake through White Pigeon on the Michigan side. It is known to the locals as the “Michiana Area” of the Midwest. There is a strong commercial bond that unites this sector that makes the two States interdependent upon each other. It is the fuel of the local economy. Michigan needs Indiana’s tourism and leisure dollars for its tourist destinations, music venues and agriculture. Indiana need Michigan’s orchard produce and unspoiled natural splendor of lakes, campgrounds, winery tours and other country escapes. This is a symbiotic relationship that forms around this crossroads for tourism and business.

This area has a wide variety of activities and attractions that may bring you to visit and participate. Starting from the closest and moving outward, here’s a sample of what there is to offer:

Pear's Mill in Buchanan, MI
‘s Mill – A Turn of the century water powered grain mill using the creek that runs through the center of town.


Antique Hunting Downtown Buchanan – Antiques your thning? Find just the right piece to accent your home or office with country life or turn of the century objects.

 redbud track n trail
Red Bud Track and Trail – Our motocross competition park and venue.


Michigan winery countryMichigan Wine Country – Several wineries established over many years, some as recently as the 1970’s to the original pre-1900’s family establishments that still operate today. They all offer not only wine tasting and winery tours but much more. Additionally, they double as music venues with fine dining restaurants, plus craft brewery and distillery opportunities to explore.

 gone fishing in MichiganCamping and Fishing – Try your rod and reels at the many pure lakes and rivers for a catch that is safe from lead, PCB’s, agricultural poisons. Feel free to eat your catch or throw back for sport. The Great Northern Pikes will give you a thrilling fight. Also great for recreational boating on the Saint Joe River.

ND-footballUniversity of Notre Dame – We get a lot of bookings around Notre Dame football ans other sporting events. Also, hotels and motels double their rates and fill up quickly within 90 miles of South Bend during ND games. Red Bud Inn, Inc. often gets the overflow. Yes, we offer shuttle service to the football games.  We save you time, money, and frustrating traffic jams using approaches to campus known only to the locals.

Michigan parks and beachesLake Michigan Shoreline – In just 30 minutes you can reach the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and water. Lots of parks with camping, trails for walking, biking and horse riding await you. From Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore through Warren Dunes State Park, Grand Mere State Park, Benton Park, Silver Beach County Park, Van Buren State Park, Pilgrim Haven Natural Area and Ross Coastal Plain Reserve.

Swiss Valley in Michigan
Swiss Valley Ski Area – For Michigan skiing all winter season.


MI M-60 race track
M-60 Speedway – Do you crave the deafening roar of engines and heavy metal mayhem of auto racing? Well, this is your Michigan destination.


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