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Here Is Where You Can Leave Your Mark On The Wall

I remember stays in AirBnB’s where the host invites everyone to sign or write a short phrase on the wall once during the stay.
Sometimes you can read a reference to a dying loved one they are in town to comfort. Other times it’s about moving to a new city to make a hopeful new start, and they share their feelings of anticipation in a simple post scribbled in marker ink. Since many AirBnB members traveling here are foreign, they write their messages with appreciation of true American hospitality. Hosts offer something more real than the canned hospitality of franchise hotels.

Please don’t take this as an invitation to mark up my walls and carve up my furniture.

Red Bud Inn Inc BlogMy version of this is to follow up all my guests and friends of the Red Bud Inn Inc with an request for a 2-3 paragraph commentary on anything they care about.

I’m asking to start with what they were doing in this area as the preferred topic, but feel free to change it up. It isn’t meant to be me soliciting an additional review for my business. I’m asking for a brief picture of you perspective on life, travel or leisure. There’s so much serious controversy that I would probably not approve anything heavy in topic. Let’s agree to look at the positive, doable and edifying side of things.

I will take the selected submissions and add graphics and formatting to produce a blog entry for my guests and onlookers to enjoy. If this comes off as homework to you, then skip it. There are no wrong answers in this.

Thank you to those who participate.
Red Bud Inn, Inc. in Buchanan, MI