About Red Bud Inn Inc.

The Business Conceptair b&b

Red Bud Inn, Inc. (not to be confused with various bed & breakfasts of the same name in other States) is an Air BnB member host. It is part of the rising sharing economy of home-based businesses that opened a new paradigm. It is like Uber or Lyft, except that the service is travel accommodations instead of transportation. I came to the decision to start this business after years of working on major renovations for clients in the hospitality industry to use the knowledge gained from relationships I’ve had with various hotel owners. AIR BnB is a great way to make money by sharing space in my house that turns unused living space from a liability to an income stream. It also gave me the reason, motivation and means to renovate my turn of the century house.

Expansion Plans of Red Bud Inn, Inc.

We are looking to expand into new properties all the time and in so doing we intend to revitalize real estate in our corner of Michigan. Buying single family houses with over 3 bedrooms and 2 stories with 1.5 or more bathrooms and 1700 or more sq.ft. of living space. Will buy in most places in Northern Indiana and along a 30 mile wide strip along the Lake Michigan shoreline. There is also a desire for houses that can be renovated and sold rent-to-own for deserving working people who can’t qualify for a bank mortgage even though they have good income.

Red Bud Inn’s Home Improvement Subsidiary

Suburban renewal experts of Michiana
Visit Red Bud EX101

Are you investing in Michiana real estate? Then maybe you would like a consultation or a renovation bid from our construction arm, Red Bud EX101, LLC.
Check out energy efficient home improvements that force appreciation and function. We can upgrade any room with LED lighting that is hidden in the tile or trim. How about adding an additional bathroom or making your half-bath a full bathroom? We’ll also help you kick the gas company out of your house when you go all electric. Get landscaping strategies that boost curb appeal while enhancing security. We have ways to protect and renew your masonry and protect your foundation. We will also partner on your fix-and-flip projects to get the most out of your property investment. Wholesalers welcome for consulting too. We do home inspections and document your remote deal with HD video and photos. We will also check out the surrounding neighborhood so you avoid war zone purchases.

You Could Be Doing This Too!!


Investment Property Management With Benefits

We also mange properties and can generate revenue while you wait to sell without compromising your staging. Add your reformed house to my AirBnB portfolio and share in the income. Along the way I’ve discovered that an AirBnB.com listing is a great way to defray holding costs for an investment property while maintaining a well staged appearance for potential cash or rent to own buyers.


We have much more going on than just offering affordable lodging, but for our guests I conclude with…


James Statzer, Owner, Red Bud Inn, Incorporated

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